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And in Cohen’s defense, Grant made a disgruntled appearance while on the show just weeks prior, looking very annoyed by the whole experience.“He is grumpy,” Hurley added, further dismantling the charming, romantic image fans have of the actor.It's on the cast list.'"I said something like: 'I have to apologise but I'm kind of a neophyte when it comes to talking to women as beautiful as you.'"And she said: 'A neophyte? ' and she said: 'I'm sorry, I meant that I love the fact you know the word neophyte.' I laughed and asked her to dinner, explaining that I was a neophyte at that, too."He continued: "Later that night, we went to an Italian restaurant in central Florida, then went back to her room and drank wine and listened to The Beatles. It was actually really unhealthy because I let her beauty keep me in a subordinate position.We just kind of cuddled and sang the songs to each other and hung out, and then I went home."I didn't even try to kiss her. I literally couldn't conceal my awe or worshipful feelings for her."[The next] night we went back to her hotel room, which had a little kitchenette, and she made roasted chicken with green beans and broke out two bottles of wine.

When The Royals first aired last year there was much talk about it being based on the real Royal Family, but by the end of the first season Queen Helena’s husband King Simon has been stabbed to death, her first-born son is also dead, she has had sex with her daughter’s boyfriend and her brother-in-law has orchestrated a hit on her lover.He wrote: "I remember when I first saw her, four days into the movie, at the initial script read-through in Orlando, Florida. She had stunningly flawless ivory skin, a beautiful voice and a charming, throaty laugh."I started to introduce myself to her and she said: 'I know who you are.' I think I stammered: 'What?' And she said: 'I'm in room 219 and you're in 119.“I would marry Prince Charles, misbehave with Prince Harry,” Hurley said with a sudden realization about where that left William. Don't expect Elizabeth Hurley to give up her secret for staying in shape -- she doesn't have one!

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I think I was in love by the time I had my second glass."Then she went into the bedroom and came out in lingerie that would make her later outfits in the movies seem tame, and she got on the coffee table and stripped. She knew what she was doing because in the middle of it she looked at me and asked: 'Is it too bright for you?

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