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After making the recommended changes intellisense worked great until I changed to the minified version of jquery.

The way I finally got it to work correctly for the minified file was to rename the vsdoc from jquery-1.6.1to jquery-1.6.1.

If you're using Vs Vim or other non-default keybinds, I'm using VS2005, but, I found that, in order convince it to build intellisense for boost, I had to specify the explicit path to the boost includes - shades of 1988! Dunno how this is going to affect the team, might try the environment variable trick to see if that's a workaround this poor indexing implementation.

Internally the Visual Studio IDE interacts with editor and the language parsers to create a list of tokens that are updated frequently.

In this process the background threads continuously update the Intellisense database.

Under each category (which we’ll discuss below) you can select the individual options.These annotated "-vsdoc.js" files can include XML comments that provide help documentation for Java Script methods, as well as additional code intellisense hints for dynamic Java Script signatures that cannot automatically be inferred. You can download both j Query and the j Query-vsdoc file from the official download page on the j site: Save the file next to your file in your project (and make sure its naming prefix matches the jquery file name): You can then reference the standard jquery file with an html comment at the top of a standalone file.When you do this VS will now look for a file in the same directory as the script file you are referencing, and if found will use it for help and intellisense.seems to do the trick, although it seems to take longer than normal.I suppose it's because it is rebuilding the entire cache, rather than selectively updating parts of it.

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