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Bengaluru, Jan 18: As WWE fans, we grew up watching the Undertaker bringing the dark side to the ring.

He is known as the Phenome who comes along with such an aura around himself that no one in the history of sports entertainment has been able to deliver.

The WWE legend has had retirement rumors creep up after his bout with Shane, but Jim Ross has vowed that he doesn't believe 'Taker is hanging up his boots.

Mark is a 45 year old veteran wrestler and Michelle is only 30, 15 years junior to the "Deadman".

People believe what they see, they judge all the celebrities through their outer personality and starts thinking that they are the same in their personal and professional life. For me, judging someone through their personality does not define who they are.

Every person is different in both of his personal and professional life.

The former WWE Diva took to Instagram on Sunday and posted a photo of her and the "Demon from Death Valley" as they celebrated six years of marriage together.

The happy couple tied the knot on June 26, 2010, in Houston, Texas.

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