Redating the new testament review

It is so good to see people delving deeply into one's own thoughts, and it is sometimes helpfully shocking to see, how badly one has expressed one's thoughts, so that readers have been misled to think, what they believe they read in one's text.

Reviewing and being reviewed is one of the master tasks of our scholarship.

From the perspective of most New Testament scholars, that seminar’s conclusions are radical to the extent of bordering on lunacy.

As time permits, I'd like to engage with these posts here and also with the published version of Dieter's review in JTS 2015.

One of these is the “here and now”; the remaining two belong to the future. The power of Satan will be unleashed when the terrifying “son of perdition” is revealed and proclaims himself to be God, sitting in the temple of God. (So also, it seems, are the Christian readers of 2 Thessalonians.) Daniel and his colleagues themselves were thrown into lions’ dens and fiery furnaces.

Then in chapter 9 Daniel confesses in prayer that The angel Gabriel comes to explain to Daniel what is happening and what to expect.

Ehrman got one main point right, and it should be at the centre of the discussion.

The purpose of this response is not generally to defend Ehrman, but to point out that Thompson is completely wrong from beginning to end.

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I did not want to correct things then, as I believe in more learning experience, when pros and cons are discussed in the public, so that understandings and misunderstandings (and both will occur on the writer as on the reviewer's side) will allow the discussion to move on and to share the route to a deeper understanding.

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