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I want to be the one you trust, And I want to be the one you can tell all your secrets to.I want to be the one always by your side, The one you're stuck to like glue.The jingle still rang springing subconsciously into my mind as the words repeated the same rhythm. I wish were true, It seem to be, I only have half of you. I wish to show my love through touch, that each the other love. I need to find the original to see how close it is. Emotions churn depression, when love you hold from me, Unbearable . Touch not felt, my cries for love, for passion each to share. Who would have thought we would become more than just friends. I told you I'd never leave because of the feelings I have inside. You've survived your life with hurt and loneliness by your side.

Yet poetry has the capacity to be the most life-changing of the arts. If they would not say Lesbian I could not say pride.

The poem "True Love" was written for and then read at my son's wedding reception. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [ When sin begat the relationship repentance must be found. Shy love bound released, To see it free or not to feel, If to be all will see, Together, love buds blooming.

Foundation for lasting love, must be upon the Lord.

I occasionally feel vague howvague idon’t know tenuous Now-spears and The Then-arrows making doour mouths something red, something tall2. And on the verge of this horizon’s indifference, I watch as a ship slips into the distance. You’dwhisper that word into my earas if it were a thing you could taste —a sliver of fish, a swirl of chocolateon the tongue.

When you’re trying to convince someone to go on a date with you. R.“Orpheus, Eurydice, Hermes” by Rilke, translated by Stephen Mitchell She was no longer that woman with blue eyeswho once had echoed through the poet’s songs,no longer the wide couch’s scent and island,and that man’s property no longer. …And your voicecomes back to me through the trees, this wordfor what we couldn’t help but doto each other — a thin cry, unwinding.21.

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Whatever you want to say, composing an original poem will show your boyfriend how much you care.

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